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Denny & Justine: Serendipitous Moments

Photographed by  Andre Suryasaputra       Tags:       comments

Melbourne, for many times, has proved its magical atmosphere. We went there for a brief visit recently and took Denny & Justine's portraits. We did our new signature style, combining both portraits and street photography. We took many pictures of them in a very-easy-breezy way. We keep those for their book. Meanwhile, enjoy their moments of togetherness & passion as it's always been our pleasure.  And thank you so much Vivi Octaviani for excellent work & cooperation   *andre suryasaputra

  • Denny & Justine: Serendipitous Moments
  • hmmm...they have a strong reason why 'Subway'
    hmmm...they have a strong reason why 'Subway' :)
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