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Andre Suryasaputra

Andre Suryasaputra

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Photography is his life. The thing he watched & learned from his father, a conventional photographer. He enjoyed his time helping his father in dark room. That period of time, he knew what he is going to be. Instead of finishing his study in Sydney, he flew to LA, USA to chase his passion in photography. Studied in Orange Coast College, California majoring commercial photography & in Fullerton State University for art photo he fulfilled his dream. His interests in journalism applied in his works and becomes his signature for long. Wedding photography is where he practice his awareness, speed and precission in capturing moments & emotions. His works is a photo essay, so to say. It has been more than 10 years now since he found Freyja Photography, and Freyja still has a special place in every heart of many people & keen-eyes for photography.

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